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Our execution process


The first phase of our process is the introduction where the aim is to get to know each other and to learn more about the project you want to start. 


After you we get back to your request through our contact form or email address, we schedule a short phone call with you to ask common questions about your project including the timeline and in return, we shortly introduce you Alphateam Hackers - our company, how we work, our capabilities & experiences and our prices. 


The phone call leads us to decide if we have the right resources, capacity and availability for your project and therefore the right technology partner for you. If the answer is positive, we arrange another meeting - face-to-face or video call - where we answer all the detailed and technical questions about your project.




We divide our phase into two sections as Discovery and Development.


During our discovery phase, our aim is to understand the problem you face and your needs so that we build the right solution for you. We carry out workshops together with the participation of all the relevant stakeholders. The workshops are very important since they enable us to have a deeper understanding of the challenges you face and accordingly design a solution that meets your business goal. The workshops include but not limited to Solution Vision Board, Customer Journey Map and Value Proposition Canvas.


Once we are done with designing the solution, we start the development. Since we work agile with story points, our typical development process looks like this:


The development follows an agile approach in Sprints. As part of sprint planning, we decide together which of the user stories will be implemented in the next sprint. The user stories are estimated together in advance. After the sprint is over, we have sprint meeting where we review and present the result and collect feedback from you. If the result is successful, the user story is accepted. At the end of the each sprint, we define together the content and the scope of the next sprint. 



In the last phase, we hand over the project after a successful testing and acceptance from you. The phase also includes maintenance and transition to a new project depending on the demand from you.


Let's develop a solution that will transform your business.