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Nearsourcing to Poland: Web and Hybrid Mobile Technologies Expertise

We build your nearshoring strategy and recruit your team in Poland.


Cultural Proximity

Poland has a strong cultural fit with the western world, making it easy to work with Polish developers and build strong relationships. Additionally, many Polish developers have experience working with companies in the United States and Western Europe, which means they are familiar with the cultural nuances of these markets.


EU Compliant Laws and Regulations

Poland is a member of the European Union and adheres to EU laws and regulations, which means that companies nearsourcing to Poland can be assured of compliance with EU data protection regulations, such as GDPR. This is especially important for companies that handle sensitive customer data.


Large Engineering Talent Pool

Poland has a large pool of highly skilled engineers and developers who have experience working on complex web and mobile applications. This talent pool is continually growing, which means that companies nearsourcing to Poland have access to a diverse range of skill sets and expertise.


Large Engineering Talent Pool

Nearsourcing to Poland can be a cost-effective solution for companies looking to develop high-quality web and mobile applications. Labor costs in Poland are significantly lower than in many other European countries, which means that companies can save on development costs without compromising on quality.


English language profficiency

Polish developers are highly proficient in English, which means that communication with the development team is seamless and efficient. This is especially important for companies that do not have a strong technical background and need to communicate complex technical concepts to the development team.

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