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Build a Mobile App for 25K 

Is it a product PoC ? A showcase application for conference ? Or you just need an MVP ? This is the offer for you.

How We Work Together

Building an app is similar to climbing a mountain, it requires not only the necessary skillset or knowledge but also a plan, a process which can be adapted on the way according to different scenarios. 

Scope Defining
1st Tier

We start off with a workshop using the methodology Story-Driven Design to describe the use-case you want to digitize and agree on the requirements

2st Tier

This is where our designs creates Figma prototypes to represent the final look of the application. We work together with you to refine the designs

Implementation Phase
3rd Tier

Our AlphaDevelopers work to make the concept come to live. We use years of experience in web and mobile development to craft beautiful experiences for Android and IOS

 Your Mobile App. Fixed Budget. Fixed Timeline.

Are you behind your schedule or have a fixed timeline ?  Are you missing development power?

This is where we come in. With ready to deploy modules, we can heavily speed up the process of building your mobile application. 


And once your App is ready

Once we deliver your initial application, we can also provide you with continuous support and further development power. Whether it is just a support for your existing development team, or integrating one of our developers directly into your team.


Alphateam Hackers GmbH
Johann-Jakob-Astor-Str. 7

69190 Walldorf


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Let's talk about your vision and how we can achieve it together

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