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We always strive for higher


Alphateam Hackers are experts in developing solutions that enables businesses to run more efficiently.

Our mission is to help companies innovate their business processes. We achieve this goal by developing digital solutions using modern web technologies.

As a team we always strive for the HIGHER - quality, performance and results. We believe these goals can be achieved with a clear path, which we constantly adapt according to the needs and feedback we receive.


"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

Whether it is about digitization project in insurance industry, climbing Mont Blanc or winning TechCrunch Hackathon, we always have a path, a dynamic plan.

Every project, mountain or a competition has its own characteristics, conditions and target point, which shape the requirements, the feasibility in a certain amount of time and budget, the risks and mitigation actions. 

We are aware of all and prepare ourselves and our partners accordingly, in order to achieve our goal.


What happens when we face issues and bottlenecks in between?

We are prepared for these. We accept the situation and adapt our plans, we take actions to get out of the issue with low impact and we continue on our path to the target.

Our Hackathons

Hackathons are great to develop solutions for specific problems. We try to take part in different Hackathons and keep bringing innovation to varied industries.


Alphateam Hackers GmbH
Johann-Jakob-Astor-Str. 7

69190 Walldorf


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We are actively looking for talented people to join our team and be part of our journey.

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