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We connect you to experts in the field

For companies undergoing digital transformation in the sectors of InsurTech, FinTech and Mobility, Alphateam Hackers is a community of IT Consultants, Web Developers, Hackers, UX Designers, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners that excel in their field with a passion for what we do.

Unlike conventional personal service providers, we do know our experts and we are run by our experts. Our experts start a project and with the initial hands-on project experience, we connect you to other experts from our community when we believe they can bring value to the project.

We Help You Overcome Challenges in Web And Hybrid Application Development

For companies undergoing digital transformation, Alphateam Hackers is a IT consulting company offering specialized services around web and hybrid mobile technologies.

Unlike conventional IT consulting companies, we specialize in specific functional projects instead of providing knowledge and skills for any project that would match our technological skills. We provide you with a hands-on project experience and ready-to-integrate solution for your challenges in the Web and Hybrid Application Development, providing your with speed and quality at the same time.

What Can We Do?

Build Mobile Applications for iOS and Android

  • Story-Driven-Design to analyze & describe your use-case

  • We build Figma prototypes for your vision

  • We make iOS and Android applications out of the Figma Designs

Consult you on a range of topics & technologies in Application Development

  • We are experts in Modern Web Technologies, Angular, React, Ionic, React Native

We integrate Scanning Capabilities to your Mobile App based on Apache Cordova

  • Your mobile application will be able scan EAN codes and barcodes

  • Custom Styled Scanning Page to Match your Corporate Design

  • We integrate Custom Validation / Business Logic around Scanning into your Application

We upgrade your AngularJS application to the latest version of Angular

  • We upgrade all your codebase from AngularJS (or any other version) to Angular in the fastest time possible

  • Optionally we work with you to introduce full Typings for your codebase to improve the Code Quality and Speed Future Development Work

  • Your Web Application Becomes Faster and More Predictable

Get Introduced To Agile Product Management and Scrum Framework by Certified PSM I Agile Coach & PSPO I Product Owner

  • Discuss Theory vs Practical insights

  • Get insights from Scrum Framework deployed in Global Teams

  • Train members of your team to become Scrum Master


Web and Mobile Application Consulting


Agile, Scrum, Product Owner Training

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Alphateam Hackers GmbH
Johann-Jakob-Astor-Str. 7

69190 Walldorf


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