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We reimagine your business

At Alphateam Hackers, we develop solutions for businesses to optimize their processes, accelerate their growth and run more efficiently. Our customers profit from an extraordinary team of hackathon winners, talented engineers and project managers that all specialize in the cutting-edge web technologies. 

For companies who want to innovate and digitize their business processes, our Hacker Team will be the right technology partner.



Digital solution discovery

You have a specific problem related to your business and you need help in finding out the great solution that your in-house development team would implement?

We start our solution-centric approach by meeting you and we have workshops together where we figure out the solution that would suit your business strategy and technical capabilities as well as bring value to your customers.


During the workshops, we follow the lean methodology through Solution Vision Board, Customer Journey Map and Value Proposition Canvas in order to determine the solution you need.

What you get the benefit of:


  • An experienced team with business and technical background who keep winning Hackathons with the precise solution-oriented approach.

  • Faster and more cost-effective way to reach a specific solution. 

Digital solution development

You want to optimize your business processes, and/or accelerate your growth?


We combine Agile Software Development with Design Thinking Framework - Solution Discovery - to determine our client's pain points, identify their needs and deliver digital solutions that will digitize our customers' business processes,  and ultimately, enable them to run their businesses more efficiently.


Very quick start, zero hiring costs, no overheads and no big commitments. You don't need to build an in-house development team for your next digital solution.


​​What you get the benefit of:


  • An experienced development team for complex digital transformation projects.

  • You have the right people that would take over the process from the solution discovery to the solution implementation.

  • Reduced hiring and development costs comparing an in-house development team.

  • Access to skilled engineers and project managers.

  • You will have more time for your core business.


Team on-demand

You already have an in-house development team but want to speed up your software development process?


We support your product development team with Alphateam's experts that have the relevant experience for your project. You can speed up your software development process through our "Team on-demand" that has the top product / project managers, engineers and designers, and that is fully flexible and can be scaled up and down every 2 weeks.


Teams can be optionally complemented by a project manager and designer, and fully flexible in case requirements evolve.

What you get the benefit of:


  • An experienced in-house or remote team.

  • Projects can be 2 weeks long, but also a long-term engagement is possible.

  • The size of the team can be scaled up or down within 2 weeks.

  • Transparent quotes pro consultant day or hour.

Why Alphateam Hackers?


We help companies in their digitization journey. Our special forces that consist of experts - hackers, designers, and a project manager are ready to develop great digital solutions within the design thinking framework.


We believe that great communications and full transparency are key to successful cooperation with the client. We keep you weekly informed and show you a demo so that you track our progress and give feedback to what we develop for you.


Our team follows lean methodology. We solve the right problem in the right way.  We identify the pain points and needs of the customer, and we prototype early, test and re-evaluate our assumptions, and modify the design accordingly. 


Quality assurance, automated tests, test-driven development and peer code review are crucial parts of the development process. We are problem-solving obsessed and we only settle for the best results. 

How we develop great solutions?


We work with Sprints so as to ensure efficient communication in
the initial phase. Sprints
results to be visible after a short
time and to appear at regular
intervals at the same time making
the change requests from our
clients possible.


We estimate the technical feasibility of the proposed solutions before each iteration. We split them into small tasks, called "user stories", and rate them with "story points" which correspond to an estimated working effort of a man-day. 


We work ultra focused on a 2 weeks iteration sprints to implement the user stories. At the end of the each sprint, we review the results - user stories - with the client and is the result is accepted, we plan the next iteration cycle together.


Our expertise


  • Web, Mobile & Software Architecture

  • Cloud Migrations

  • Database Modelling

  • DevOps

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Blockchain 

  • Ethereum / Smart Contracts / Solidity


  • Javascript

  • Typescript

  • AngularJS

  • Angular

  • React

  • React Native

  • Vue

  • Vue Native

  • Electron

  • NodeJS

  • MySQL

  • MongoDB

  • AWS

  • IBM Watson

  • CI / CD


  • Mobility

  • Fintech & Insurtech

  • Supply Chain & Logistics

  • Real Estate

  • Pharma, Health, & Chemical

Let's develop a solution that will transform your business.